Some Highlights

The research conducted at the Laboratory for Simulation and Modelling of Particulate Systems (SIMPAS), led by Aibing Yu, Vice-Chancellorís Professorial Fellow, Pro Vice-Chancellor and President (Suzhou) at Monash University, aims to understand and model the physics governing particulate and multiphase processing, with its application oriented to mineral/metallurgical/material/chemical industries. Over years SIMPAS has developed a sustained and systematic way to study particulate matter at various time and length scales including, for example, the determination of contact forces between particles at an atomic or sub-particle scale, dynamics of particles at a particle scale, and performance of an operational unit at a process equipment scale. The outcomes of the Simpas research include theories, computer models and simulation techniques, and knowledge at both microscopic and macroscopic levels. Such multiscale research is critical to advancing particle science and technology, as well as process technology. Below are a few examples highlighting SIMPAS work.

Granular dynamics: Theories, modelling and simulation

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