Simpas Postgraduates

Name Course Thesis title E-mail
Minsu Liu Ph.D 2013 S1 Phase transformation in vanadium-based materials for energy and sensing applications
Yanru Bu Ph.D 2013 S1 The preparation and applications of nano-porous titanium dioxide films
Tengfang Zhang Ph.D 2013 S2 Size segregation during filling and discharging a hopper.
Hui Zhu Ph.D 2013 S2 CFD-DEM study of particle fluid flow in microchannels
Li JI Ph.D 2013 S2 Modelling and analysis of multiphase flow in hydrocyclones
Esmaeil Abbaszadeh Molaei Ph.D 2014 S1 CFD-DEM Simulations of Solid-Liquid Systems: Layer Inversion in Liquid Fluidizations & Hydraulic Transport of Solids in Pipelines
Dianyu E Ph.D 2014 S1 CFD-DEM Investigation of Thermo-Chemical Behaviours in Blast Furnace
Liang Bai Ph.D 2014 S1 FEM study of particle mixing
Yuan Wang Ph.D 2014 S1 CFD-DEM Study of Inhaled Pharmaceutical Particle Flow in Human Airway
Yunfeng Li Ph.D 2014 S1 Study on the gas-pulverized coal flow behaviours of pneumatic conveying transport system to blast furnace
Ravi Mehrotra Ph.D 2013 S1 Experimental and numerical modelling of alkali corrosion of refractory materials in cement kilns
Zhen Miao Ph.D 2014 S2 CFD modelling of pneumatic conveying of powder through various pipelines
Zheng Qi Ph.D 2014 S2 Lattice Boltzmann investigation on particles in non-Newtonian fluid flows
Junhai Liao Ph.D 2014 S2 CFD study of the injection of Victorian brown coal into an ironmaking blast furnace
Dao NguyenTuong Lam Ph.D 2014 S2 TiO2-Metal as Photocatalyst for the Degradation of Toxic Compounds
Jannatul Azmir Ph.D 2014 S2 Comprehensive study of food drying process by discrete particle simulation
Yuan Feng Ph.D 2014 S2 Design and Construction of Nanostructured Vanadium Dioxide for Energy Saving and Other Applications
Kang Liu Ph.D 2013 S2 Synthesis and sensor applications of gold nanorods
Qi Luo Ph.D 2015 S1 Finite element investigation of dense granular flow in shear cells
Song Li Ph.D 2015 S1 Design and Development of Nanomaterials for Energy and Environmental Applications
Yongli Wu Ph.D 2015 S2 DEM-CFD Based Derivation of Constitutive Relations for Continuum Modelling of Flow and Heat Transfer in Gas Fluidized Beds
Joel Samsu Ph.D 2015 S2 Wall stress analysis under blast furnace conditions
Dizhe Zhang Ph.D 2016 S1 Particle Segregation Analysis in Stockpile Formation with Ellipsoidal Particles
Siyuan He Ph.D 2016 S1 DEM simulation of ellipsoidal particles in rotating drums
Dailin Chen SEU-Monash Joint Ph.D Experimental and numerical simulation study of Particle clusters in fast fluidized bed
Xuejiao Liu SEU-Monash Joint Ph.D Mechanism and application of spouted beds with non-spherical particles
Siddhartha Shrestha Ph.D 2016 S1 CFD-DEM study of bubbles in gas-solid fluidization
Lulu Jiao Ph.D 2016 S1 Three dimensional modelling of blast furnace process based on TFM
Xin Li Ph.D 2016 S2 DEM study of new designs and optimization of screw feeding systems
Zichuan Liu Ph.D 2017 S1 TBA
Weiren Fan Ph.D 2017 S1 TBA
Hongbo Qiu Ph.D 2017 S1 TBA
Marcelo Rademacher Ph.D 2017 S1 TBA
Mengmeng Zhou Ph.D 2017 S1 TBA
Wenchao Gao Ph.D 2017 S1 TBA
Lin Wang Ph.D 2017 S1 TBA
Liuyimei Yang Ph.D 2017 S1 TBA
Guanwen Zhou SEU-Monash Joint Ph.D TBA
Yinxuan Qiu Ph.D 2017 S1 TBA
Linghui Peng Ph.D 2017 S1 TBA

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